Happy Fourth of July to all our American friends and family worldwide…Hopes of freedom for all…

Happy Fourth of July to everyone who celebrates. Not our photo.

The above Fourth of July photo reminds us of our old lives, living on a lake and watching fireworks from our dock. Our two little dogs would sit on our laps and watch the fireworks with us, shuddering each time a boom permeated the air. Often, our kids and grandkids were with us, along with neighbors and other friends, and the festivities were many.

Tom lined our 500 feet of lakeshore with small flags placed 18″ apart, creating quite a spectacle. We also had a tall flagpole and an oversized flag that flew in the breeze. The occasion was exceptional, and we loved every moment.

But that was our life then, and this is our life now, and none of those special occasions have left us sorry or disappointed that we chose this life over that life. We’ve never regretted our decision to travel the world. We’ve loved, lost, and experienced sorrows and joys regardless of where we’ve been in the world at any given time.

Having had all of those special occasions, as time has passed with many adventures behind us and hopefully more to come, we have no need or desire to see fireworks or celebrate to any degree. My son Greg asked us to join him and Heather today but we decided to lay low.

We didn’t feel like battling traffic today when we’ll do that tomorrow when we head to Billy’s Bar & Grill, a 45-minute drive from here. Tonight, we’ll return to Pizza Luce, only .5 miles from here, for happy hour and a light dinner and be content to return to our hotel to stream a few shows we selected for today.

Last night, we watched a good movie on Netflix, “On the Basis of Sex,” about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Not only was it a fascinating movie, but it also provided an inside look into how the equality of the sexes in modern-day society came to pass with her inspiration and skill as an attorney. Very interesting.

I suppose it was an excellent movie to watch, given that today is Independence Day, the Fourth of July! It was about freedom and the rights of human beings in this country. As much chaos as there is in the US right now, of which people are aware worldwide, we are free, and that is not always the case in many countries.

Today, it’s not about fireworks, meat, and sweet corn on the grill; it’s about the American flag and the privilege of being a free people. In this context, nothing is more critical for citizens of any country. We are indeed grateful, and today reminds the two of us to celebrate that freedom.

In this crazy world, we have no idea how long we will continue to be free. That could change in a day. Peace and communication are the only means of maintaining our freedom and we can only hope and pray through our own communication and the keeping of peace to ensure that freedom as individuals or as a country, a continent, a world.

May peace and harmony fill our lives as we move through trying times in an uncertain world.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, July 4, 2014:

When we spotted this group of tourists crossing this footbridge, we noticed a tour bus. They were most likely touring from a cruise ship that had arrived in Funchal, a popular port of call. For more photos, please click here.