Scorching heat… Scenes in Henderson, Nevada… Sweet photo from one year ago in Cambodia…

Massive homes overlooking Las Vegas, located in Henderson may easily be valued in the $10,000,000 or more range.

By the time I took my sister’s dog Owen for a walk in the 108F (42C) heat, plastic baggie in hand, I was sweating up a storm. However, the ultra dry heat evaporated the sweat on my clothes in a matter of seconds. 

Many homes are nestled into the man-made terraces to offer good views of the Las Vegas Strip from afar.

A few days ago, I laid out a night dress I’d laundered to dry on a chaise lounge by the pool and within 15 minutes, it was completely dry.  Other than the time we spent in the Middle East in such countries as Egypt, Dubai, Jordan, Morocco and the United Arabic Emirates, we haven’t experienced much dry heat in our travels.

Climate data for Henderson, Nevada
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 75
Average high °F (°C) 54
Average low °F (°C) 41
Record low °F (°C) 11
Average precipitation inches (mm) 0.70

As we’ve often mentioned, humidity is the toughest to endure of all non-storm related weather conditions.  It wears out everything we own from the zippers on our luggage, leather products and wreaks havoc with our digital equipment, especially cameras and smart phones.  It’s no wonder we often need to replace these items.

Sure, we chose to seek out warmer climates and in doing so, one can hardly avoid humidity which often goes hand and hand.  Without a doubt, humidity is the most difficult to physically endure, especially in locations where we’ve had either no AC or limited AC, for example, only in the bedrooms.

We were surprised to see some grassy areas which obviously required a lot of watering.

In many hot and/or humid locations, we’ve had only a fan over the bed in which most cases seems to move too slowly to be of much benefit.  Also, when there’s mosquito netting encasing the bed, the benefits of the fan are limited, seeming unable to penetrate the fabric of the netting to actually provide any relief.

Here in Henderson, Nevada, the heat is constant and relentless during the long summer months.  At 7:00 am this morning, the temperature was already well in the 90F’s (32C).  Now, as I write, at 8:50 am, it’s already 97F (36C) with an expected high today of 111F (44C).

The entrance to many high-end developments incorporates the utmost of landscaping to attract new buyers and maintain a level of appeal for the existing homeowners.

Yesterday, when I returned from visiting Susan and after a stop at Smith’s market for a few grocery items, I almost burned my finger pressing the keys on the metal keypad when entering the code to gain access to the gated neighborhood.

Terracing under construction in Henderson.

On the short drive from Smith’s to Richard’s home, I thought about my groceries in the trunk. I remember grocery shopping in Minnesota in the cold of winter wondering if my food would make it home in the -20F (or lower) without freezing.  

Many new homes back up to the hills and mountains.

In our days of eating bread, I easily recall a loaf of bread being nearly frozen by the time I reached home.  Yesterday, I wondered if anything would spoil in the 15 minutes it took me to get back to Richard’s home. 

Foolish me, nothing would spoil in that short a trip.  However, a shopper should be mindful of not making any extra stops on the way home after grocery shopping in these hot climates  Bacteria could easily manifest on a package of chicken or ground beef if one stopped at the Walgreen’s (pharmacy) and got distracted for a few minutes.

Most homes are built with stucco exteriors and tile roofs which appear to withstand the extreme heat.

As we drive around the area exploring our surroundings, we’re amazed how so many manage to live in such a climate in the summer.  In the winters, it’s often cool enough here to wear a warm j manage our senior years in such a climate.  Obviously, as we’ve shown here over this past almost five years, we decided against it in 2012.

As we continue on our many year’s long world journey in only 16 days, heading to the tropical climate of Costa Rica, where the average high is 85F (29C) with humidity around 70%, it will feel normal to us and most likely, even with the moist air, certainly feel a cooler than here in the middle of summer in the Nevada desert.

Las Vegas/Handerson doesn’t have historic building since it didn’t begin to attract a population of any significance until the 1950’s.

Today, we plan to try out Richard’s pool for the first time, now that we’re a little acclimated to being outdoors.  Perhaps, we’ll even get a little dose of Vitamin D!

Wherever you may be this season, enjoy your days and nights to the fullest.


Photo from one year ago today, July 15, 2016:

When we visited an orphanage in Cambodia, this young girl’s smile took our breath away.  For more photos, please click here.

Not a perfect day in Paradise…”Keeping it real”…

This bird appears to be a Blue Kingfisher.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.

“Sightings on the Beach in Bali”

Yesterday, Tom took this distant photo when he spotted this peculiar boat which appears “sunken” in the middle.  We had no idea what type of boat this is.  Any comments from our Indonesian (or other) readers who may know?

As previously mentioned in other posts, most tourists traveling
to Bali (and other countries we visit) are staying in a resort or hotel of some
sort, not a private single family home.  The conditions for comfort are very

Also, they may ony stay only one or two weeks and challenging
conditions may not present themselves during the shorter period.  Today, is a
day, where weather and other conditions are challenging, to say the least. 

The heat and humidity is as high as we ever experienced in
Africa on the worst of days. On these hot and humid days and nights especially after its rained there are lots of flies.

Its too hot to shut the wall of glass doors but, with the many flies already in the house, even that would do little good.  The only safe
refuse in the master bedroom where we keep the door shut constantly, where’s
there’s AC if we finally decide to hide away for an hour or two. 

At the moment, I am sitting outdoors, unable to get online due
to the poor signal and there are dozens of flies hovering around me. I am
covered with 30% DEET, the only possible product I can use to keep me from getting many fly bites.

And yet they still find a way to attack any unreached spot on my
back or behind my legs.  None of the “natural” repellents (I’ve tried many)
actually repel flies or mosquitoes from biting me.  Tom, on the other hand,
seldom gets bit.

With mountains in Java obstructing the final setting of the sun, we relish every sunset photo we see.

Since we couldn’t get online as I wrote this, I’m using “Live
Writer,” a MS app that enables me to write and then, once able to attain a
signal, I can upload it to the Internet.  Thank goodness for this option. 
Otherwise, I could spend the entire day trying to get a decent signal.  We’ll have only a few photos today due to the poor signal.

When the sun comes out, we’ll have a reprieve from the flies. 
They seem less bothersome on sunny days.  We imagine the number of flies is certainly due to the rain we’ve experienced over these past several days.

We continue to spend time figuring out the visa situation for
July’s upcoming cruise.  It appears we can get a visa for Cambodia online.  But,
on Viking’s Mekong River cruise documents, it states we cannot get and use an
e-visa for this particular cruise.  We must use a service to apply which
requires snail mailing our passports which we will not do. 

In the past 24 hours we’d been attempting to reach Viking but
with the huge time difference and poor signal it had been difficult. There’s a 15
hour time difference. Finally this morning, we got through on Skype before
they closed for the day. 

Explaining our situation they agreed we could apply for
the Cambodia visa online.  Only a few online services offer this option, one
we’ve used in the past, which is
located in Washington, DC and is safe to use. 

I asked Viking to send us an email confirming they’ll accept the
e-visa for Cambodia so we won’t experience any issues when we present the e-visa
at the time of boarding in Hanoi.  We’ve since received this confirmation email
which, if necessary we’ll present at boarding.

There are many visa companies out there in cyberspace that are
scams.  One could easily be giving their personal passport information to a
scamming visa app company.  Please beware in doing so and feel free to contact
us for names of valid companies we’ve used.

The reflection on the sea is particularly appealing.

Today, we’ll apply for the Cambodia visa and once we arrive in
Singapore we’ll only have to apply for the visa for Vietnam (not available as an
e-visa), a plan we can easily accommodate.  If we’d had to apply in person for
both visas while in Singapore it could have taken a significant amount of
time during the one week stay.  Most likely, in this case we won’t lose more
than a single day.

Enough about flies and visas.  We share these details not only
to express that at times, traveling the world is not as easy as it may seem but
also for those who may consider this lifestyle, to use a little of which we’ve
learned in the process. 

Its easy to become stressed on hot, humid, fly infested days
such as today when there are tasks we need to accomplish in the background that add to the
frustration.  Surprisingly, both of us remain calm and determined to figure out

Now, as the sun begins to peek out at almost noon, I’ve begun
to feel confident that we may have comfortable day after all. 

May your day be comfortable and relatively easy.


Photo from one year ago today, May 12, 2015:

Locomotive and coach formerly used for tours at the Kilauea Sugar Plantation, now closed for many years.  For more sugar plantation photos, please click here.