Sorry we missed a day…Our hosting company was having issues…

A newly named Bad Leg, a male bushbuck who’s been spending most of his days in our garden since he injured his leg a few weeks ago. It seems to be improving a little each day. We feed him extra food since he has trouble foraging with his injury.

Yesterday, our hosting company, Hostinger, was down for emergency maintenance. Where they are located, it was the middle of the night instead of during the day here. Such maintenance is often conducted during the night to have the least impact on operational sites.

Bad Leg feels so at ease and safe in our garden he doses off to sleep.

I contacted them immediately upon being unable to open the editing page to start yesterday’s post. Immediately, I panicked, thinking it was a problem on our end. Still, I relaxed after writing to them and receiving a prompt reply regarding their emergency repairs for the outage.

Baby zebra.

However, there was no way I could notify our readers that we wouldn’t be able to upload a new post until the problem was resolved. That occurred well into the night here, making it too late for me to work on the post.

Other bushbucks stop by and rest in the garden with him.

I decided to go ahead and write the text for the post on Word, which I could later copy and paste onto our editing site at WordPress, hoping this would be possible by the end of the day.  I imagined millions of sites were down besides ours. Mostly, those sites would be in our category,  not as big as shopping sites and major sites with many more hits than we receive in a day.

Surely, our readers will know that something is wrong, but often when such an event occurs, our readers are concerned we’ve suddenly stopped posting, or something awful happened to us. We hope you didn’t make that assumption. All is well here.

Kudus looking for food.

As a matter of fact, more than “all is well here.” We are doing quite well. The headache is gone, and two days ago, I started walking again for the first time since April 20 when we tested positive for Omicron. Over the past months, I’ve spent about three hours of the day resting in the bedroom. I was too unwell to feel like sitting up all day.

Besides resting for those three hours, I cooked meals, did laundry, took countless photos of wildlife, spent considerable time preparing the posts and editing photos, and conducted research for future travels.

My boy Norman, never fails to stop by several times a day.

But resting for that many hours a day left me weak and unfit. Regardless of how hard I tried to motivate myself, I just didn’t feel I could do steps when I was feeling poorly. Having a headache for six months was more debilitating than I imagined.

Now that I am done taking all the medications, I have begun to feel energized enough to start walking on Saturday. On my first day, I managed to do over 4000 steps. Yesterday, my goal was  5000 steps, and by 1:00 pm, I had it accomplished. By the end of the day, I’d done 5800 steps.  I will increase it by 1000 steps per day until I get to the point that feels right to me.

Lots of zebras have stopped by for lucerne.

It’s not only imperative for me to walk for my cardiovascular health but also to strengthen my legs after lying around for so long. Before we know it, we’ll be leaving for Seychelles. I have one month to get myself in better shape to go on walks and tours.

I am thrilled Hostinger is operational again, and I can upload today’s post without issue.

Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, October 24, 2021:

As soon as we were situated on the resort’s veranda, we were excited to see the spray from Victoria Falls at a distance. For more photos, please click here.