Forts, palaces and excellent dining experiences…Last full day on the train…

Today’s photos are a compilation of those we’d taken on day 2 in the following palaces: City Palace, the largest in the state of Rajasthan; Chimi Mahal; Mori Mahal and the spectacular Zenana Mahal; The Crystal Gallery at Darbar Hall, and more.

Each day of the Maharajas Express train journey has consisted of excursions to historic sites revered by the Indian people who take exceptional pride in their rich heritage.

A swinging chair built by a Maharaja with 12 wives.

Subsequently, tours have included visits to no less than a half dozen tours of forts and their adjoining palaces. We were given headsets to listen to our tour
guides explain the historical significance in fine detail at each location. 

Generations of maharajas occupied the magnificent palaces.

In an ideal world, we would recall the details of each visit, but unfortunately, there was too much information for us to retain. Nor do we have time to do all the research to share those details within our posts.

The exteriors of the various palaces were elaborate and imposing.

Instead, we’ll continue to post photos of these experiences and share them over many days to come, as we mentioned in an earlier post. 

The workmanship of true artists remains today with some restoration.

Today is our last full day on the Maharajas Express. At the moment, as I write here, we are headed to Ranthambore – Fatehpur Sikri for yet another tour, in this case of a deserted red sandstone city. Photos of this excursion (and others) will follow in the days to come.

As for the ending of this exceptional journey, we’re able to depart the train in Delhi, knowing we fully embraced every aspect of life on a luxury train and its many exciting tours and excursions. 

The peacock is the state bird of Rajasthan.

We’ve met beautiful travelers as well as the conscientious staff who never faltered for a moment in providing the utmost quality service with attention to every detail.

At 3:30 pm, we head out for the above-mentioned tour and then return to the train for lobster dinner. But, tonight is exceptional because the women will be dressed and saris for this special occasion and the men?  We’re not quite sure yet what the men will wear, but most certainly we’ll take plenty of photos.
The peacock is represented in many works of art.

Tomorrow, we’ll head to Agra, where we’ll visit the Taj Mahal in the early morning, which we expect will be one of the highlights of this extraordinary adventure.

Today, we embarked on a tiger safari to the Ranthambore National Park, searching for the elusive Bengal Tiger. Unfortunately, we did not see a tiger, although we encountered several animals. Here again, we’ll post these photos soon.

Jewels and precious stones line the walls in many areas.

We intend to post our final expenses for this exciting train journey in the next several days. With so much on the agenda for the balance of today, tonight and tomorrow, we may have to wait a day or two for the time necessary to put this all together.

Starting tomorrow around 4:00 pm, we’ll arrive at our hotel in Delhi where we’ll spend three nights amid more sightseeing. We’re hoping during this period; we can get a little more caught up.

Nothing was spared in the elaborate design of the palaces.

Wow! What an adventure! India is exactly what we expected, rich in culture, history, vibrant colors, and kind and generous people in many ways. We continue with enthusiasm for the present moment and for what is yet to come.

Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, February 7, 2019: 
There was no post one year ago today as we continue to figure out my health condition.