Both football teams, Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, are staying in our neighborhood for the Super Bowl…

The Hilton Lake Las Vegas, one of the two hotels where one of the teams will stay during Super Bowl week, is very close to our location.

As it turns out, the two teams playing in the Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, will be staying in hotels in Lake Las Vegas, the Westin Lake Las Vegas, and the Hilton Lake Las Vegas, only .6 miles from us. The NFL doesn’t want the players gambling in the casinos on the Lake Vegas Strip. These two hotels don’t have casinos.

According to reports, they’ll likely stay in Lake Las Vegas for Super Bowl week as they practice and prepare for the upcoming game on February 11. I doubt we’ll see any team members unless they decide to walk through and shop in the Village, down one flight of stairs from us. Of course, while they are here, we’ll head down there to see if we can see any team members and take some photos without being too intrusive.

We won’t be heading to either of the hotels since they will be heavily guarded and careful about who they let in. It wouldn’t be us. But the excitement in this area is palpable. Many restaurant and shop owners hope for increased sales during the week.

When we decided to stay in Lake Las Vegas, we chose this location because it is quiet and remote from the strip, where we seldom go when visiting the area. On occasion, in past years, we’ve seen a few shows, but many of those same shows are still playing. Prices for entertainment have increased tremendously over the years, and we’re not interested in spending $500 or more for a night out.

The Westin (Marriott) Lake Las Vegas is one of the two hotels where one of the teams will stay during Super Bowl week.

Richard is making fun plans for my birthday later this month. We’ll share details later.

As for today, we’re doing laundry, prepping for a nice dinner, and hanging out as usual. I’ve already done the banking and credit card pay-offs for the month.

I haven’t heard anything about my enrollment for Part B Medicare. Finally, I received a return response from the Railroad Retirement Board that my application was received on January 3, 2024. I won’t be processed for six to eight weeks, which could take me to the end of the month with my benefits to start on March 1 since today is already February 1. I’d hope this would all be processed by February 1, but it’s taking much longer than anticipated.

Here’s a recommendation for a fantastic Netflix show, especially for history buffs…”Alexander, The Making of a God.” It’s a docu-drama since it requires explaining what transpired when there’s too much information to be included in a regular drama. It’s a limited series of six episodes. Usually, we don’t care for the docu-drama format, but it’s been exciting and entertaining in this case.

We only watch shows in the evenings after dinner but go through many series when binge-watching movies and series we find interesting.

That’s it for today, folks. We hope you have an excellent day and evening doing what you enjoy!

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, February 1, 2014:

At Khaya Umdani, this was the first outdoor grilled dinner since leaving the US. None of our past vacation/holiday homes had outdoor grills that we’ve found suitable. This was a rare treat. The chicken gizzards and livers are wrapped in foil on the side grate, which I’ll eat with tonight’s repeat dinner. Tom only eats white meat, and I like dark meat, making a whole chicken perfect for us. Zeff cleaned it this morning! For more photos, please click here.