Giraffes came to call!…Preparing for our house guests…Six days and counting…

This morning when feeding this Ms. Bushbuck (one of many Ms. Bushbucks), we noticed a giraffe in the garden.

“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”

Many cape buffalos resting near the river’s edge during yesterdays 39C (102F) scorcher.

Last night, after we’d prepared the veranda for the evening with the big bowl of freshly cut vegetables filled to the brim; the container of pellets; two different types of insect repellents including one lit coil and one lit oil lantern; various lights turned on; the table set for dinner; bushbaby yogurt placed on the little stand and beverages ready for 1700 hours (5:00 pm) we noticed two giraffes in the garden.

Since generally giraffes aren’t fed by humans, they are very skittish.

Since arriving in Marloth Park many moons ago, we hadn’t seen many giraffes in the garden, spotting more when on our daily drives in Marloth Park or on self-drives in Kruger National Park.

It was getting dark, and taking photos of the giraffes was challenging especially when we didn’t dare get too close. Giraffes can be very dangerous if they feel threatened. We kept our distance, thinking this might be one of the very few opportunities to see them in the garden.

As I attempted to get better shots, he moved back, concerned about my presence.

Alas, this morning, while feeding one of many bushbucks that stop by, the two giraffes were back. With our friends Tom and Lois arriving in six days, we’re hoping the giraffes will return during the three weeks they’ll be staying with us beginning next Tuesday, October 9th.

We’d seen this large male at other locations in the park.

We’re busy getting ready for our guests to arrive. On Monday, Louise has arranged for Zef and Vusi to do yet another “spring cleaning.” With the constant stream of dust kicked up by wildlife, the house and veranda must be cleaned daily. But even so, there’s so must dust it’s difficult to attend to each day.

The spring cleaning on both the main floor where our bedroom is located and the second story where Tom & Lois will sleep is imperative, primarily when the upstairs hasn’t been attended to for months. Overnight, insects and cobwebs accumulate in every nook and cranny. After all, this is Africa.

A female joined the male in munching on the treetops.

We’re busy planning the first week’s meals and activities, realizing that anything can be changed if our guests prefer another plan. But we anticipate they’ll be excited with our planning, including dinners out, sundowner wildlife river watching, self-drive safaris in Kruger, and dinners on the veranda, all of which will provide them with the whole African experience.

He stood there for quite some time.

Oddly, this will be the first time any friends from the US have come to visit us.  Let’s face it. This is far from the US and has nearly a 24-hour travel time that many vacationers prefer to avoid. 

Plus, many people prefer to stay in resorts and hotels while on holiday and not stay in a house.  In essence, staying in a resort is considerably easier with no concern over meals, transportation, activity planning, etc.

Soon, they began to wander off toward the nearby parklands.

They are a hectic and well-traveled couple who spend a lot of time on a motorcycle traveling the USA. We plan to make this visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for them. Of course, continually searching for wildlife sightings can be very active and time-consuming, which we have no doubt they’ll love.

Also, we feel confident they’ll be OK with the heat, insects, and dust. They aren’t as delicate as some may be under these conditions. I can think of many of our friends who’d find these conditions uncomfortable and subsequently avoid visiting us in Africa and certain other countries where conditions may be a little rough.

About a dozen bushbabies stop by the little stand for yogurt, which we purchase weekly for the nightly feedings.

We’ve asked Tom and Lois about their favorite beverage options and are already well-stocked for their arrival. They’ve generously offered to share in the cost of food and beverages while here since they’re staying for three weeks. But, we’re not accepting any money for rent.  

They are our guests, and we’re grateful they’re taking the time and expense to visit. Our goal is to make this time as memorable and enjoyable for them as possible. We’re leaving plans flexible and wide open if they’d prefer to head off on their own for safaris, dinners out, or any other events.

On the other hand, if they’d like us to join them in any activities, we’ll surely be happy to do so.

Today is much more relaxed than yesterday. Later on, we’ll head down to the river to see if we can spot the lions we hear have been working on a recent kill. We’ll be back with more soon.

May you have a fantastic day!

Photo from one year ago today, October 3, 2017:

The pretty little hummingbird was stunned after hitting the glass wall in Costa Rica and landed on a chaise lounge.  A short while later, she recovered and flew away, much to our relief. For more photos, please click here.