Day 8…An amazing presentation aboard the ship!…How easily we’re entertained!

This cantaloupe face was astounding!

“Sightings on the Ship in Australia”

A bottle of Pepsi constitutes an artsy display.

We saw long-term cruises often known as “Grand Voyages” or “World Cruises” and wondered if we would ever want to embark on such a long sail.

After all the cruises we have experienced in four years, this one in #15, the second stage from back to back will be #16. Averaging at about four cruises per year, one every three months, neither of us have a burning desire to cruise any longer than these 33-nights.

The head fruit carver, Manuelo, was in charge of the preparation of his famous fruit sculptures.

Oh, we love every moment, but we both feel that something longer, like everything else in life, can become mundane if over-done. A 90- or 120-night cruise could be too long.

During these four years we’ve encountered only a few passengers who’ve embarked on longer than 30-night cruises. While they explained that they greatly enjoyed the experience, none mentioned the desire to repeat the experience.

With the crowd at the table, it was hard to get a good position to take pictures.

For us, the novelty could be obliterated if we cruised over a month on a regular basis. In addition, the cost may be prohibitive if more than one or twice in three or four years. 

Although cruising makes lots of sense economically when it includes transportation, housing, food and entertainment, there are additional expenses that can make the cost per day way over the top.

While the cruise makes great economic sense when it includes transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment, there are additional expenses that can make the cost per day much higher.

Guided tours, stores, spa services, cocktails and other extras can take a final bill well in the thousands for some. With our cabin credits of US $350, AU 456 for each of the two legs of this 33 night cruise, hopefully, we won’t go over this sum and be able to end the cruises without any balances owing.

A huge cost factor as mentioned a few days ago, is the savings for our new Diamond Club membership in the Crown & the Anchor loyalty program for cocktails available to us for over four hours each evening, beginning at 4:30 pm and ending at 8:00 pm. 

A bird made from a pineapple.

At the end of each evening, Tom may order one additional cocktail after the 8:00 pm window as above. With the remaining cabin credit, most likely the additional cocktails averaging at US $9.50, AU 12.37 (with tip) will hardly use the first of the two balances ending on November 16th when we arrive in Perth and the second leg begins. 

At that point the new US $350, AU 456 cabin credit begins all over again. Any remaining amounts from the first leg are obliterated if unused. No doubt, we’ll make certain we use every last penny.

The carving chef shocked all of us with this exquisite watermelon carving of a donkey head.

Yesterday, for the first time on a cruise, I purchased an item of clothing, a cute pullover hoodie sweater. I wore it last night and for the first time since this cruise began I was comfortable and not freezing.  I’m one of those seniors who is cold all the time in air conditioning, especially in the movie theatre.

As soon as we wrap up here, we’re heading off to another movie.  Yesterday’s “Bad Moms” was cute as we both chucked through it all, along with the many Aussies, Brits and Kiwis who were in the theatre along with us, easily laughing through scene after scene. 

A honeydew melon rabbit.  Too cute!

We love these people with their easy senses of humor. Sorry for the stereotyping, but overall these are one friendly and cheerful group of people. They, along with many wonderful Americans, we’ve met (there are 140 of us on board this ship) have made this another memorable cruise, just the right length of time.

The display of Manuelo’s works. Amazing skill!

May all of YOU have a beautiful day! 

Photo from one year ago today, November 6, 2015:

A rusty sailboat remained on the shore in Savusavu, Fiji, where we lived one year ago. For more photos, please click here.