Missunderstood Heron?…What’s that?…

The scenery of the Killary Fjord directly behind the Misunderstood Heron couldn’t have been more breathtaking!

“Fascinating Fact of the Day About Ireland” 

“The Guinness World Records, a reference book published annually listing world records, came about in 1954 when the managing director of Guinness attended a shooting party and argued with other competitors about the fastest game bird in Europe, and failed to find an answer in any available reference book.”

A sunny day coupled with our lack of new photos has prompted us to get out for some sightseeing, especially when we’d have an opportunity to travel on unfamiliar roads.

The roads to our two chosen locations, the Misunderstood Heron and the historic Kylemore Abbey, were as scenic, narrow, and winding as we’ve experienced closer to our home base.

Visitors can hike in the scenic area and then head to the food truck for food and refreshment.

The two venues are no more than 15 minutes apart, 10.5 km, 6.5 miles, so it made sense to see both sites in one day. With the day’s post uploaded and dinner in the refrigerator to be cooked if we didn’t eat at the food truck, we were free to spend as much time out as we’d like. It proved to be a full day.

Today, we’re sharing photos and the story of the Misunderstood  Heron (correct spelling), a highly unique dining establishment, originally an actual food truck but now a converted shipping container, offering more space for their food prep.

The sign outside the remodeled container represents a food truck.  Note the spelling of the name.

Also, we’d planned this outing to see how I’d do with the tremendous amount of walking required at the Kylemore Abbey. More on that tomorrow.

In the event we chose to buy dinner-to-go from the food truck, we brought along an insulated bag but after years of travel seems to have lost some of its ability to keep things cold for long.  

Most of the items on the menu appealed to me but weren’t suitable for my way of eating without considerable modifications.  As busy as it was, there was no way I’d ask.  Tom didn’t care for any of the items on the menu.

Subsequently, we visited Kylemore Abbey first. If we purchased dinner first, we’d have been rushing at the abbey, concerned the food would spoil. We love low-stress days.

We hadn’t been sightseeing on a Sunday, preferring to go out on weekdays to avoid crowds and traffic. Were we in for a big surprise when the long queues of slow driving vehicles occupied the narrow roads. With no shoulders on the winding roads, passing is dangerous.

As mentioned here in the past, Tom is an impatient driver with little tolerance for traffic. Fortunately, he kept his cool, knowing we were in no rush and the long drive to both locations was fine. Had we not needed photos so desperately, we would have waited until midweek when both locations were open simultaneously.  

Many tourists head to this remote location which is well advertised in tourist information materials.

The Misunderstood Herons simple reality hit home with many other tourists and us. Not only are online reviews excellent, but the enthusiasm on the faces of visitors certainly indicated their pleasure at visiting this unique eating establishment with one of the finest views in the land.

From their website here, we are sharing the following. They wrote:

“How does one come to set up a food truck in the middle of nowhere? Love of food, Connemara, and each other.

We have both always wanted to run our own business, and when our time in Dublin was coming to an end, the brainstorming began on what we could do to make a living in Connemara. We both love food but didn’t have enough money to buy or rent a kitchen to operate from. We had seen the food truck movement in the states and thought that we could do something similar here while focusing on good coffee and simple, fresh, and tasty food.

We searched deals for second-hand food trucks within our budget, found one that hit the mark, and just went for it. With much help from friends and family, we managed to open up in time for Easter 2017. It was starting small with very few foods and drink options. We wanted to focus on doing what we did well and growing from there.

A wooden spool converted to a chair!

Now going into our third season, the time has come when we have outgrown the original truck and need a bigger space to prepare and cook in. Our answer is a 20ft, a second-hand container which we are converting into a kitchen on wheels. The design is funky, unique, and still has the same feel as the original truck with hatch service and outdoor seating. 

With the addition of a looped coastal path at Killary Adventure Center, we decided to move the location to this car park which is 50m down from our original site. From Easter 2019 onwards, people can go for a walk along the shore and finish off with a bite to eat and a cup of coffee.

With great reviews on TripAdvisor, it’s no wonder, so many visitors stop by the unique eatery with its stunning scenery.

We will keep making our food with the same ethos of tasty, simple, fresh, and local.”

We were both impressed by their ingenuity and fortitude in making such a success of their unique business. They’ve received many awards and write-ups in publications worldwide.

The stupendous view behind the Misunderstood Heron food truck, overlooking the majestic Killary Fjord in Connemara County Galway. 

Although there wasn’t anything suitable for my way of eating, nor were the menu options appealing to Tom’s taste buds, we were thrilled to have visited the enchanting Misunderstood Heron (great name!) while relishing in the exquisite surroundings.

Enjoy the day!

Photo from one year ago today, July 15, 2018:

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