Last night’s good time in The Village…

Tom’s meat was overcooked. He gave me his sliced avocado. But we had a good time and didn’t complain about anything.

Last evening, around 5:00, we walked to the Sonrisa Grill, the Mexican restaurant located down the one flight of steps to The Village, a five-minute walk.

More people were walking in the Village than we’ve seen since New Year’s Eve around the time of the fireworks display on the lake. We suspected many of the people we spotted were family members or friends of the San Francisco 49ers staying at the nearby Hilton Lake Las Vegas.

These colorful chips were impossible for me to resist, so I ate a few.

Our goal was to go to the bar at the restaurant and, around 6:00 pm, get a table in the dining room. As soon as we entered the restaurant, it was evident we needed to get a table right away.

With only two available tables in the good-sized restaurant, Tom suggested we get a table right away, or there could be a long wait later. I agreed, and a friendly host escorted us to a table for four instead of the tiny table for two.

Tom enjoyed his blended Marguerita. He doesn’t like those poured-over-ice and not blended.

We seldom choose one of those tiny tables for two. They feel cramped, and we would like more elbow room.

Once situated in the now fully packed restaurant, we ordered our drinks. Tom had a blended margarita, and I had a glass of my favorite William Hill Cabernet Sauvignon. The vast menu offered many exciting options, which we perused for quite a while.

We both ended up ordering taco salads, Tom’s in the giant shell with roast beef and mine, without the shell but with grilled salmon instead of beef. The salads were good but not great.

The Mexican restaurant Sonrisa was packed.

They brought unlimited tortilla chips to the table, which were hard for me to resist. I limited myself to five chips and stuck to it. Those five chips were 10 grams of carbohydrates, half of my daily allotment, but they tasted good.

We each ended up having a second drink, which I rarely do. When the wine glass with a stem was so small and only half filled, I thought I could enjoy another since I hadn’t seen that vintage since we were in Florida last summer.

That was a big mistake. Having a little more than my usual 5 ounces caused me to sleep poorly last night. I learned my lesson and won’t do that again. Tom enjoyed his two blended margaritas.

My salad doesn’t look that appetizing. I asked the server to remove the tortilla strips, refried beans, and rice. The guacamole looked a little stale.

Our bill for the food, drinks, tax, and tip was $107, which is a lot for a Mexican restaurant. But we had a great time and enjoyed our night out. Plus, it was fun to see some of the player’s wives, girlfriends, and kids.

Back at the condo around 8:00, we watched a few more episodes of Feud, an entertaining TV series from FX on Amazon Prime (no extra fees). By midnight, we were both in bed but, as mentioned, struggled to get to sleep. My Fitbit showed I’d slept seven hours, but it didn’t feel like that much. Tonight’s another night, and it will hopefully be better.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, February 4, 2014:

No photos were posted ten years ago when my laptop screen was broken, and I had to go to Nelspruit for a new computer. See the text here.