Moving day…Quite the challenge…A surprising ocean find on a walk….A year ago, a peculiar foam ball growing in a tree in the yard…

TJ was brave and walked over the narrow bridge.

Up bright and early this morning, we immediately began laundering the towels and bedding in the master bedroom with en suite bath that Tom and I have used since arriving in Pahoa on December 1st when we moved into this oceanfront house.

While on a walk in our neighborhood, we spotted this empty lot, deciding to take a look. We never expected to find what we did.

With the laundry going, the bathroom and bedroom cleaned, I am completely packed except for the food we need to transfer to the second house.

As we walked to the left side of the lot, we discovered this natural bridge made of lava.

Once we’ve moved out all of our belongings, emptied and moved our contents from the refrigerator, freezer, and cabinets over to next door, we’ll clean the refrigerator and freezer making room for the items we’ll purchase today in Hilo in order to stock the foods for the incoming two families that will live in this first house.

It was an interesting natural formation.

Our plan for purchasing the groceries has changed several times over the past three weeks. I must have driven our kids nuts. We’d originally planned to purchase all the food on everyone’s list. Then we decided to make it easy on ourselves and have everyone do their own shopping, with gift cards we’d purchase for them from Safeway in Hilo.

We were entranced by the swirling waters around various lava rock formations.

Then, the lava flow required the evacuation of the Mamala grocery store and I was able to purchase many items on their lists at 50% off. Once I had so many of these items, it only made sense to complete their lists and stock the remainder of the food ourselves.

How many millions of years ago was this spot created as the lava spilled into the sea?

At this point, I went back to the lists on my phone on the Grocer Tracker app and revised my list to exclude the items I’d already purchased. Sure, it sounds confusing. But, in the end, it made the most sense.

The contrast of the blue waters and the dark lava rock was breathtaking.

Much to my frustration, since yesterday, I’ve been suffering from excruciating pain in my left hip. I’ve had this type of pain in the past and it always seems to dissipate within a week by favoring it. Today and tomorrow, won’t be days of favoring any body parts. Luckily, this morning it wasn’t any worse than yesterday and hopefully, it will begin to improve over the next few days.

The manner in which the ocean moved into and out of this rock formation was mesmerizing.

Tomorrow, Tammy, Tracy, and Vincent arrive in the early evening. We’ll have dinner awaiting their arrival. On Monday, late afternoon, Camille, Greg, Maisie, Miles, and Madighan are due to arrive and again, we’ll have a nice meal awaiting their arrival. Both families are renting cars for their own use while here, a thoughtful and smart idea on their part. Sharing vehicles would have been difficult, although we’d originally planned to have two cars available. 

The cave was intriguing.

As it turns out, we’ll have three vehicles enabling all of us to go anywhere together or, off on our own in smaller groups. TJ, Sarah, Nik, and Jayden leave on the 28th. Tom and I have to return the rental minivan on December 31st.

Tom and TJ overlooking the sea.

At that point, it makes sense for us to downgrade to a five-person, less costly smaller vehicle as opposed to our current minivan, saving $100’s in the process.

The sea wafting in and out of this cove was impressive.

There’s so much to figure out for 14 people living together in two houses, eight in this first house and six in the second house, for one week and then 10 for the remaining week. After January 3rd, we’ll be down to four of us and will move back into this first house.

As a cloud rolled in the coloration changed rapidly.

Camille and Madighan, our lovely daughter-in-law and five-year-old granddaughter will stay with us until January 9th, when they’ll depart for their return to Minnesota. Tom and I will be alone in the first house for the remaining six days.

Fascinating formations.

Tom is worried about the possibility of small details that may impede the quality of any of our family member’s visits. I am not worried in the slightest. They are our family.  f something goes wrong, we’ll fix it, lovingly and with aplomb, with the same fervor we fix any situations we encounter in our travels.

Small waterfalls on the lava rock.

The packing, the moving, the rearranging, and the organizing, it’s all a part of our daily lives. Luckily, we both don’t seem to mind any of it. The only addition right now is the cleaning of the first house and the food for the four families.

I yelled out to TJ, “Gee, TJ, your clothes blend right in.”

I have no doubt that we’ll get through all of these preparations in the next two days with relative ease. When we’re all together, none of it will matter. To see the smiles on the little one’s faces and on the faces of our grown children and their spouses, will make every moment a treasure.

There are many variations in the color of the ancient lava rock, evolving over the millennium.

Have a superb Saturday, filled with sunshine and smiles. 

                                           Photo from one year ago today, December 20, 2013:

It was one year ago that we discovered this peculiar white foamy thing in the tree with branches hanging over the pool. Taking a photo, I sent it to Louise, our new friend, and property owner, asking what it could possibly be. She wrote back with a discernable chuckle in her words. It was a tree frog nest created overnight by the female frog. Over the next several days, the male frogs stopped by to fertilize it which we have on video. Please check here for details. What a fabulous experience!