Here we are, Paris!…Video of the Eiffel Tower”s light show last night…Wow!…

We were enthralled with the lights of the Eiffel Tower. A video of the light show is shown below.

We’re not city people. We don’t like crowds, loud noises, honking horns and the sounds of sirens.

We took this video of the Eiffel Tower’s light show last night at 10 pm. The video will rotate to its proper orientation when you click on it.

But, here in Paris, all of the above is part of its charm and its ambiance as one of the most beautiful must-see cites in the world. Of course, I’m not at all surprised by the sense of excitement running through me. 

This view is from the corner near our hotel.

Even Tom, “Mr. Cool and Calm” exuded an appreciative twinkle in his eyes as we watched the sights as we entered into the city while it was still daylight as the enthusiastic cab driver darted in and out of rush hour traffic. And then again, as when we watched the Eiffel Tower’s light show at 10:00 pm, he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face (nor could I).

Statue on the bridge of the river Seine.

Once we were situated at our boutique hotel conveniently located across the street from the train station, with views of the Eiffel Tower, walking distance to dozens of cafes, bistros, and restaurants, we giggled over the quaint quarters, typical for Paris. Well, I giggled. Tom, not so much.

We thought this longboat on the Seine may actually be a river cruise ship.

On the trip up to our room, we were warned that we’d be entering the smallest elevator we’ve seen in a hotel, although our hotel concierge explained that there’s another hotel with a one-person elevator. With no bellman or luggage cart, we had no choice but to haul our bags to our room on several trips which explain the following photo of Tom in the tiny elevator.

Driving into the city of Paris was an experience in itself.

Our room is sufficiently equipped with a strong WiFi signal, flat-screen TV, and AC. Although smaller than a cruise ship balcony cabin, it will suffice for our 16 nights in Paris. Fortunately, the king-sized bed was gloriously comfortable with perfect covers and high count cotton sheets. Unfortunately, neither of us was able to fall asleep until almost 2 am when our brains wouldn’t shut off.

Crossing the bridge over the Seine.

Now, we begin the process of booking various tours and planning routes we’ll walk in the city. With several maps on hand, clearly marking the attractions, today we’ll begin walking through the streets of Paris. We’re booking tours to begin after the weekend crowd, although from what we hear Paris is always crowded. 

The streets are lined with one café, bistro, and restaurant after another.  We’ll never have trouble finding great dining establishments.

Last night, we dined at a nearby restaurant. Since Tom ate both his and my snacks on both flights, he wasn’t hungry. By 9:00 pm, we wandered into a nearby restaurant and I had an exquisite salad. Being unable to order meal salads for many months due to possible illness from the raw veggies, I was thrilled to dine on a fabulous salad as shown in the photo below. 

The lobby of the boutique hotel we choose for our 16 night stay in Paris, across the road from the train station.
Looking out the window of our hotel to the train station. We couldn’t be in a more perfect location.

With many restaurants within walking distance, we’ll enjoy trying a new one every night. Prices are outrageous.  Thank goodness we usually eat only one meal a day with a snack if hungry midday. Unquestionably, a decent meal for two with beverages will be no less than US $100, EU $73 in the most modest of establishments. 

Tom, standing in what may be the smallest elevator on the planet.

After dinner, we began the short three-minute walk to the Eiffel Tower only to stop dead in our tracks when the light show began and we had a clear unobstructed view. We share these photos today with the utmost of enthusiasm. Of course, many more photos will be posted each day as we commence our exploration of this magical city.

This salad I had for a late dinner last night was delicious.

Many tourists come to Paris for a week or less. With our 16 nights, we can plan an event each day, ensuring we’ll have visited most of the highlights that interest us the most.

See you tomorrow with more photos of our first full day in Paris, the city of lights. Yeah!

Photo from one year ago today, August 3, 2013:

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