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The watermelon was a little mushy and made it difficult to get all the seeds out. Tom ate the small seeds.

For the first time in years, Tom wanted to eat watermelon. When Raphael stopped by with his packed vegetable truck on Friday for the second time in a week, Tom spotted a watermelon and said, “Let’s get that also!”

Over the past few days, I’ve asked Tom if he wanted me to cut it into bite-sized pieces. Each time he said, “No thanks.” Finally, today, with a bit of prodding from me, he said, “Yes.” He never wants to make “work” for me, but good grief, I am happy to cut it up for him. I’m much better at this than he is, and besides, I try to remove all the seeds, which I always did for him and my kids decades ago until they came out with seedless watermelons.

Although I am still busy with the walking and will continue to walk day after day, it won’t take me too long to cut it up. Unfortunately, I don’t have a container to put it in, but I will use two of the larger pots with lids and get it all cut up today. After I just took a break to cut the entire watermelon, we noticed that the seeds were different from those in watermelons in the US.

I hadn’t cut a watermelon in almost 12 years. Tom had joined me in the low-carb way of eating long before we left the US and hadn’t eaten any fruit since then. During that time, he lost 40 pounds and got off seven drugs a day, when this way of eating helped his irritable bowel syndrome symptoms dissipate entirely.

Recently, he’s lost a lot of weight and is at his lowest and been enjoying a few foods he’s missed over the years, for example, two pieces of toast with butter and strawberry jam for breakfast and now a watermelon snack. We’ll see if this combination causes any gastrointestinal issues, and if not, he can continue to enjoy these foods. Otherwise, the only other food with carbs that he eats daily is white rice with dinner, and that doesn’t bother him at all.

Again tonight, we’ve roasting two large chicken breasts in the oven with the skin, which we’ll remove at dinner, with carrots and mushrooms in the pan. Plus, tonight, I’m adding fresh green beans for him and grilled eggplant (aubergine) for me. We aren’t eating any salads while here since we’re concerned about tap water, which the farmers are using to rinse off the vegetables. We aren’t taking any chances.

I miss having a big salad each night with my meal since all I have with my protein source is vegetables, which aren’t very filling. Each evening, I am a little hungry after dinner, but since I am slowly losing weight, as desired, that hunger usually subsides quickly. I don’t think of food for the remainder ot the evening. Thus, for most dinners, I have two vegetables and whatever meat we’re having.

For breakfast, I’ve had steamed vegetables, new or leftover from the prior evening’s dinner, and half of an avocado with an egg dropped into the pit’s hole. Then I cook it in the microwave for a few minutes (covered with a paper towel). This is a healthy and delicious way to start the day.

If I get hungry at midday, I’ll have some sliced sugar-free deli ham or chicken with one slice of cheddar cheese in the shape of a sandwich without the bread. Tom may have this with me from time to time. I don’t usually eat anything during the day between breakfast and dinner, but now that I am trying to lose a few pounds, I have found having a light snack during the day helps me eat less at dinner.

It isn’t a lot of food in a day, but my metabolism has been slow since I had heart surgery, something I’ve read online from other patients. But now, with daily walking and cutting back on the volume of food, I feel confident I can finally lose these few extra pounds. I must be diligent since I won’t lose more than a pound or two weekly. Of course, we have our scale with us, which we use for weighing our luggage and ourselves.

With nine weeks until we leave Ecuador, I should have lost all the weight I wanted by then. I read repeatedly that dropping as little as 10% of one’s body weight can significantly help those with Afib. This, in itself, is enough motivation for me, coupled with the walking. I can already feel the improvement in my heart and my legs.

That’s it for today, folks. As soon as I get this post uploaded, Tom will use my laptop to stream the Minnesota Vikings game, scheduled for 1:00 pm, since his Chromebook doesn’t have an HDMI outlet.

Happy day to all.

Photo from ten years ago today, November 5, 2013:

There were no photos posted on this date ten years ago. Instead, it was a story about how I started eating a low-carb diet to improve my health that Dr. David Perlmutter posted on his website. See the post here.