Arrived in Brisbane…Benefits of RC’s Crown and Anchor Society’s Diamond Club membership…

Notice the man on the left wearing a kilt for formal night. We’ve done our best with the clothes we have on hand.

“Sighting on the Cruise in Australia”

We have not really understood the meaning of this tree trunk in this entrance of the salon. That’s why I took a photo.

A few hours ago, we arrived in Brisbane Harbour, Australia. We chose not to leave the ship. Unless there’s something particularly appealing to us, we don’t care to get off at typical shopping ports.

The one hour shuttle ride each way held little appeal nor did the drop off point at the largest shopping area in Brisbane. The only means of transportation available was the round trip shuttle for US$50 AU 65 per couple.

Schooner Bar at nighttime.

We weren’t interested in spending $50 to go shopping. We decided to wait until we arrive in other ports to explore with a little more freedom to pick and choose what we like.

As our readers know from past experiences, we seldom get off the ship unless there is something profoundly available that appeals to our interests. A lot of people say, Get off the ship anyway. At least you can say that you have been to Brisbane.”

Decorative display.

We’re not traveling for bragging rights. We travel to discover the people, culture, sights and scenes we love the most. The rest of the time, we are really having fun, me, writing to YOU now, Tom engaged in his usual browsing and searching.

At 1:00 pm, we’re going to see a “guy movie, “The Nice Guys” when so often we watch movies that appeal to my tastes. Neither one of us cares about cartoon characters or cartoons, fantasy, zombies or vampires. Tom doesn’t like science fiction or futurist films, but he often watches them with me. It’s my turn to coalesce when I don’t like movies about the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s. 

We get a kick out of looking at the world globe considering how much we’ve seen so far and what’s yet to come in the future..

Today, we’d mentioned sharing information on the Diamond Club priority membership which we recently attained from our last cruise from accumulating 80 points as Crown & Anchor members (1 point per day on RC). 

We’ve already begun to enjoy our new status, which has not only saved us a considerable sum on our final bill, but greatly contributed to another opportunity to interact with other passengers in a different venue.

For us, the biggest perk is access to the Diamond Lounge from 4:30 to 8:00 pm for complimentary cocktails, any amount, any type. Since we usually do “happy hour” this time frame works perfectly for us. We have an opportunity to mingle with other Diamond Club members who have attained sufficient points to be provided this excellent perk.

Lounge area of The Colony Club, a place for dance enthusiasts.

With this benefit, we avoid spending on drinks of any type. Plus, if we leave the Diamond Lounge before and up until 8:00 pm, we’re entitled to three drinks each from any bar on the ship, even ordering three at once to bring into the dining room. The free drinks are not served in the dining areas, but passengers may carry them into the dining areas.

Complimentary specialty coffees are available 24 hours a day at the Diamond Lounge, available to Diamond Club and above members. The coffee drinks are made by a machine using milk, not cream, and are sugar sweetened making them out of the question for me. I do fine drinking our iced tea throughout the day.

Self-leveling (for rough seas) pool table in The Colony Club.

Other “spending” perks include the following, found at this site:


  • Buy any wine, beer or soda by the glass and get a second free: $6.95 (beer)
  • Purchase any glass of wine, beer or soda and receive a 20% discount: $1.38
  • Buy one, get one free Johnny Rockets milkshake: $4.50
  • One complimentary non-alcoholic specialty coffee drink with the purchase of dinner in any specialty restaurant: $8 (coffees from Chops Grille)
  • Buy a Bingo Package and get 6 free Jackpot Card: $15
  • Three free Spin to Win at the Casino: $1 (We assume one wins a keychain with three spins, we’ll give a $1 value).
  • 25% off Casino tournament entrance fee (excluding Poker tournaments): $6.25 ($25 slot tournament)
  • 1 free day of internet usage or $30 off any Internet purchase: $30
  • Spend $25 or more on Royal Caribbean logo products and receive 15% off: $3.75
  • Free any size photo of your choice from your existing printed photograph selection: $19.99
  • Get 10% off a digital photo package or photo book: $19.90 (All inclusive digital photo package)
  • Get 20% off any one spa or salon service: $19.80 (60 minute Swedish massage)
  • Receive $10 off a $30 bag of Wash and Fold Laundry on 5 or more nights: $10
  • Receive $10 off a $30 bag of Wash and Fold Laundry on 8 or more nights: $10
  • $5 off any dry cleaning or pressing services of $25 or more: $5
  • Stateroom phone discount of $2 per minute: $11.90 (assuming a two minute phone call)
Each evening we dine in the Cascades dining room.  When we were seated at a table of 10 last night during the formal night, we were the first guests at the table.
Within minutes it was full and once again, we had a delightful evening meeting new passengers.

There are many more perks as listed here, many we’ll never use and others of any benefit as shown below:

Diamond Club Benefits

  • Crown & Anchor Society Onboard Offers
  • Priority check-in
  • Private departure lounge with continental breakfast
  • Exclusive Trivia
  • Exclusive Top Tier Event
  • Robes for use onboard
  • Signature lapel pin
  • Welcome Gift/Amenity including choice of beverage
  • Milestone recognition
  • Chef’s Choice Gift/Amenity
  • Priority wait list for Shore Excursions/VitalitySM Day Spa services
  • Diamond Lounge (on select ships)
  • Priority departure
  • Exclusive Nightly Diamond Event
  • Daily breakfast with specialty coffee
  • Entertainment Tour

For perks in other categories for Crown & Anchor members with more or less than the required 80 points for Diamond Club, please click here.

Dance floor and seating in The Colony Club.

With Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise lines owned by the same parent company, we’ll have similar perks on seven of our eight upcoming eight cruises except the Antarctica cruise on the Ponant line. Of course, as time marches on, we’ll add more cruises as they become available and suit our needs and desires.

Tonight is casual night in the dining room. That will be jeans and nicer shirts.  We have five formal nights ahead in this remaining month. Somehow, as always, we’ll make do with what we have on hand; each other, a joyful attitude and a strong sense of living in the moment.

Happy day, dear friends!

Photo from one year ago today, November 2, 2015:

Tom was thrilled with his first cocktail  he’d had in months at the Namale Resort & Spa in Fiji, one year ago, as we celebrated our three year travel anniversary.  He was working on the first of his delicious warm buns slathered in butter. We didn’t have any specific four year anniversary activities this year since we were busy getting situated on the ship on the actual date of October 31st. But, enough celebration is to be held each and every day over this month at sea. For more photos, please click here.