Building memories…One week and counting….We’ll be on the move…

During daylight hours, the Bog Square in Marrakesh is less busy than in the evenings when all this open space is filled with food vendors.

Just like the time flew while we were in Lake Las Vegas, our one month in Apache Junction has passed quickly. Here we are today, only one week until departure, with plenty to do in the interim. I will not start packing this time until the last few days. Most items we must pack are within reach in this confined space, making packing quick and easy.

We plan to pack one suitcase with clothing and toiletries for California and the upcoming road trip to Milwaukee, and then we’ll be off to Minnesota to our hotel, where we can unpack. That one suitcase will contain enough clothing and supplies to last for approximately nine nights. This way, we won’t have to haul all the bags into the hotel room each night besides the one large bag and two carry-on bags, one with digital equipment and the other with medications.

Sure, we risk the bags being stolen from the car at night, but this time, we’ll get a vehicle with a regular trunk and park in a lighted area. Hopefully, we won’t have to worry when we’re staying in safe places.

Last night, I stayed at our place while Tom spent the evening with his family. I wanted some quiet time to relax these past few nights and haven’t joined them. They have plenty to talk about when they get together, sharing stories from their early years, many of which I’ve heard repeatedly. They do a lot of laughing, teasing, and reminiscing of years past. They all recall a wonderful upbringing and wonderful parents.

It’s funny how when my sisters and I got together while dear Susan was still alive, we tended to discuss our more recent lives, dreams, and hopes rather than tales of our childhood, which didn’t include many good memories. Over the years, we’ve encountered others who didn’t have ideal childhood experiences and those whose childhood memories were filled with fondness, love, and joyful experiences.

Of course, when we’re with our children, we share many funny stories and memories. It was sometimes stressful and challenging since Tom and I had children as teenagers. But, as we grew up and matured with our children, times improved.

We look forward to being in Minnesota and sharing more of those times with our adult children and grandchildren as we build more and more memories together.

Soon, when I see my sister Julie, a week from now in California, it will be the first time we’ve been together since Susan passed away during the pandemic. The three of us laughed and told stories about our relationships, not so much about our upbringing but about the humorous experiences we all had together as adults. I’m looking forward to seeing her.

The “cousins” reunion is set for the day before we begin our road trip on May 4. Again, we may not have many great childhood memories to share, but we will quickly be engaged in filling each other in on what has transpired in our lives since we last got together almost 60 years ago.

We don’t have much on the agenda today. I have some business-type calls to make and online tasks to do for our website. We’ll cook dinner on the grill late this afternoon and then head to see the sisters. Rita’s husband Tom, adult son John, granddaughter Lexi, and great-grandson Ryder left at 5:30 this morning. Colleen, Margie, and Rita remain in Apache Junction. Their sister Mary and husband Eugene left a week ago.

Perhaps we’ll play cards again later today since we haven’t done so over the past several days with everyone here. It will be fun to get back into Buck Euchre again.

We hope you have a fantastic day!

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, April 24, 2014:

The stones crumble in certain areas after hundreds of years of wear and tear. Overall, the souk is in excellent condition. For more photos, please click here.