Realities of life…

Of course, we’d hope to be driving around exploring The Villages in the golf cart, attending social events, and dining out as soon as we were settled. We planned to go out to an entertainment event in Brownwood Square and then to dinner both last night and tonight.

As much as I tried to muster the energy and enthusiasm to go out, I just couldn’t bring myself to get ready to go and bounce around in the golf cart. I am still very weak after two awful bouts of Afib in a seven-day period and the hospital stay in South Africa only ten days ago.

Subsequently, we decided to stay in tonight to give me another few days to recover. Tom’s nephew Kevin and his wife, Kristi, will be here on Monday for a visit. I feel confident that by then, I’ll be ready to go out to dinner with them and enjoy the many upcoming social events that are filling the calendar.

This morning we did another long walk in the neighborhood that is a loop from our house and then back again. These walks are essential for regaining my strength, although they take everything I have to get through it.

Last night we ordered a takeaway dinner from an Asian restaurant. Tom had his usual sweet and sour pork along with pork fried rice, while I had steamed shrimp with vegetables, both of which were fresh and delicious. Tom has a lot of leftovers for tonight since he ordered large sizes, although I ate all of my single-serving entre. I already made a salad for myself for tonight and defrosted a chicken breast which we’ll cook later. Easy peasy.

As far as photos are concerned, right now, our supply of photos is severely lacking. Once we get out again, we’ll return to taking many pictures to share here on our posts. That time is only a few days from now. I feel bad we don’t have more to share right now. For now, this is our reality.

It would have been easy not to post at all until I am better, but after all that’s transpired in the past few weeks and several missed posts, I decided it was better to put a little something here rather than nothing at all.

Also, I was notified by several readers that they weren’t receiving automatic email notices of new posts. This has been an ongoing problem since we moved to Hostinger as our hosting company. They can’t seem to figure out a permanent solution. Our web guy suggested we change to a different hosting company, but after paying three years in advance, it made no sense to lose what we’d paid.

In the past few days, a resolution came through, and hopefully, everyone who’d signed up to receive the daily posts by email will continue to do so going forward. We apologize for this inconvenience. When readers don’t receive the auto emails, they often assume we aren’t posting when, in fact, we are. If this happens to you, please let me know by email. In the interim, if you make a bookmark for our site at, and then click on it, the new post will appear daily.

Alternatively, you can make an icon on your phone’s home screen or desktop and click it once a day to see the newest post. They automatically update daily immediately after I upload the latest post.

That’s all I’ve got for today, folks. Thanks for all the kind and generous well-wishes coming our way.

Be well.

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