Fabulous night out…Finally found an excellent restaurant with good food…

This was my delicious salad with eight grilled scallops grilled to perfection, without oil, and with sour cream for dressing on the side. I only used half of one of the little containers of sour cream.

With all the company and get-togethers we’ve had since we arrived in The Villages two months ago, we hadn’t gotten into a routine of our nights out with just the two of us. In Marloth Park, we went to Jabula on both Friday and Saturday nights and loved the routine of it. We always had a great evening, with good food and socializing with owners Dawn and Leon and the many patrons that arrived during the evening.

That scenario is challenging to duplicate. Instead, we’re now enjoying somewhat of a routine of going to Brownwood Paddock Square, the closest and most accessible town square for us in The Villages. The other squares are much further, and riding in the golf cart for the over 90 minutes round trip hasn’t appealed to us.

The atmosphere in Cody’s Original Roadhouse is cluttered but fun and festive.

In essence, the squares are very similar in their design. We’ve carefully perused the menus of all the restaurants in the three main village squares and concluded that Cody’s Original Roadhouse is the best restaurant for our tastes and my dietary restrictions.

Not only is the festive environment appealing to both of us, but the vast selection of menu options is particularly appealing. However, I am so enjoying their entree salads; it will be hard for me to select other options, especially after last night’s salad, as shown here, with eight decent-sized grilled scallops, were delicious.

Customers seemed to enjoy their food, as we did.

We started the evening at the bar at City Fire American Oven and Bar. We’ve dined there about three times and weren’t impressed with the options for my way of eating and Tom’s tastes. We decided we won’t eat there again, although the atmosphere indoors, seated at a booth in air-conditioned comfort with excellent service, is quite good.

This coming Wednesday, we’ll try again to go to bingo at City Fire at 3:00 pm. We wanted to go the past few weeks, but when it rained heavily each Wednesday, we decided not to chance it and drive the golf cart in the wind, rain, and lightning.

We lucked out and got a booth. We had a great time chatting, as always.

Last evening, while seated at the bar at City Fire, we met a lovely real estate agent, Poppy. We talked at length, and I explained that we’d like to do a story about real estate for sale in The Villages. We asked Poppy if she’d show us some houses enabling us to take photos and write about our observations in a post.

Tom couldn’t resist eating these warm squishy buns but wasn’t keen on the cinnamon-flavored and sweetened butter. A bottomless salad accompanies most entrees, but he only ate this portion of salad with his entree.

We also explained we were not interested in buying a house and our motives for looking at a few homes, and she was totally fine with this concept. After the Fourth of July holiday, next Tuesday, we’ll hopefully hear from her and set up a time to visit a few homes. Hopefully, she’ll contact me soon to set up an appointment.

We also chatted with a man whose wife passed away over a year ago and was going on his first date next Friday. We encouraged him to have a great time as he asked for a few pointers. I suggested he take off his wedding ring, but some may disagree with this idea. We hope to see John again before we leave and hear how his date went.

Tom ordered this chopped sirloin steak in a mushroom gravy with mashed potatoes. He thoroughly enjoyed it.

By 7:00 pm, we headed to dinner at Cody’s, and as mentioned above and shown in today’s photos, we had an excellent time, and by 9:00 pm, we were back at the house. They roll up the sidewalks by 10:00 pm in The Villages, with most bars and restaurants closing between 9 and 10 pm, even on the weekends.

We’re off again tonight for another evening out. We’ll see what Saturday night brings in The Villages.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, July 1, 2013:

Today, on an exploring and invigorating walk, we found ourselves closer to the larger two clock towers for a better view of the cemetery on the church grounds. For more photos, please click here.