A fabulous party…Meeting new people with common interests…Are we driven by money?

Tomorrow, we’re taking Richard and Elaine out to lunch at the Westin Hotel.  In our typical “senior style” we drove to the Westin yesterday to check out its location and grounds. While there, we encountered a steep treacherous path down to the beach. With improper shoes on, we only walked partway down, planning to return when my new walking shoes arrive in an upcoming package from the mailing service. I’m using crazy glue to hold my current shoes together in the interim.

Last night’s “Full Moon Party” couldn’t have been more enjoyable. We met many locals, most of whom live in the neighborhood of our hosts, Louise and Steve. We were not only appreciative of Richard for inviting us but also for Louise and Steve welcoming strangers into their home.

The edge of the golf club reaches the sea.

As most cocktail type parties often work, we find ourselves in a huddle with three or four different people, one at a time, chatting on endlessly. Much to our surprise, many of the guests were frequent travelers, not only to Hawaii and back to the mainland or other countries but, from all over the world.

It was interesting to hear the suggestions of places we should visit, not only here in Kauai but also in other parts of the world. As mentioned in a recent post, we seriously pay attention to suggestions especially when we hear one repeated over and over in our travels.

This was the easy beginning of the path to the beach.

One couple has spent 40 years traveling to Australia where a son lives and they love traveling. They’ve been to each of the popular cities, states and territories and many remote areas, offering numerous suggestions as to the areas we should visit.

Stopping along the path provided excellent views of the treasure below.

As we listen to the various suggestions throughout the world our minds are spinning interpreting our personal tastes with those of others. Many travelers enjoy the big cities, the popular tourist spots, snorkeling and scuba diving. 

It was at this point the path became extremely steep as can be notes from the left in this photo.

With our tastes leaning toward culture, vegetation and wildlife, some of ours and their interests coincide.  Another lovely couple had been to Kruger National Park and other areas on safari in South Africa and we all reveled in sharing our endless stories of wildlife adventures.

We moved closer to the edge for more shots.

Most assuredly, we made new friends and will see these people again in our remaining months on the island of Kauai. The one commonality we all share is our love for Kauai. Several asked why we don’t settle in Kauai sometime soon before housing prices get any higher than they are currently.

On the way back down from the steep path to the beach at the Westin Hotel, we were in awe of the views.

It’s not easy to explain why we have no interest in settling. Some of the travelers we’ve encountered in Princeville can easily afford both frequent travel and homeownership. For us, the budget prevails. 

If we had a permanent home and it resulting expenses, we would be like the majority of the middle class, an annual vacation of one or two weeks would be all that is affordable. That life, for us, at this point holds no appeal. 

Perhaps one day while in Kauai the mountains won’t be hazy.

Do we really love the wanderlust or are we merely driven by financial reality? In our case, we really love the wanderlust but, we accept that the only way its possible is to not have a home, storage, cars, etc. 

Our candor on this topic sometimes surprises people we meet. One party guest asked last night, “If you could have both, would you?”

As we walked back up to the level areas of the path, we turned around to note the uneven and steep path. Turning an ankle was a real possibility when the ground was covered with acorn like nuts that had fallen from the trees.

Emphatically, the answer is NO. We don’t want to be worrying about the upkeep and maintenance of a property from which we’re gone all the time. Why bother?

The party, intended to end at 8:00 pm, continued on and finally we were on our way home. The clouds were too dense to get a good shot of the moon once we returned home. 

What a view from our lounge chairs at the Makai Golf Club’s pool.

Unfortunately, none of the food at the party was appropriate for my way of eating. As a result, I scrounged around eating leftovers, nuts, and cheese. Tom, still on his “24 hours of eating bad when we’re out” ate the remainder of a bag of tortilla chip including a brownie at the party. Today, we’re both back to our healthy diets.

The pool’s temperature is maintained at a cool 80 degrees, perfect for a dunk or swim on a warm day.

Soon, I’ll head to the club to workout while Tom stays behind enjoying time on his own, a rare occurrence.  Its somewhat rainy and very cloudy today which will keep us from lounging at the pool, although a walk may be in order. 

In our lives there’s no urgency to pack everyday with activities. We have all the time in the world.

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