Another busy day for both of us, separately this time…

Tom was checking out this 1966 Oldsmobile 442 convertible. I have no idea how he can identify many old cars.

Yesterday afternoon, my dear friend Chere stopped by the hotel while we sat in the lobby and chatted as we had earlier during this visit and other visits in the past. With Chere and I, the conversation flows as if we’ve never been apart. We have a lot of similar interests, mainly centered around health, fitness, and wellness, and it’s fun to share our thoughts and ideas on these topics.

Next week, toward the end of the week, she and I will be getting pedicures at a local beauty school, where she explained sanitation is of the utmost, as compared to some salons. This appealed to me since I’ve heard of many instances where patrons encountered infections from less-than-ideal sanitary conditions. Student standards may be more stringent at a beauty school than at an unfamiliar salon.

After our pedicures, we intend to go to lunch. Like me, Chere is into healthy food, and I’m sure we’ll go to a restaurant that caters to our mutual interests and needs. It will be fun to see her this last time since she and her husband will travel after that get-together.

As for Tom, yesterday, TJ picked him up around 3:00 pm to head to a small town, Henderson, Minnesota, for a weekly car show. TJ has a classic car and particularly enjoys going to car shows throughout the season. It was delightful for him to go with his dad.

This is a 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible.

Information about the car show in Henderson, Minnesota:


The Henderson Classic Car Roll-In is a free weekly event along Henderson’s Main Street.

Every Tuesday night from May – September, the streets will be lined with 275+ vehicles and 150+ motorcycles, with a different variety every week!

Visitors from all over the region show up and walk, enjoying vehicles, atmosphere, and food.

Many food choices are available from the food vendors and restaurants, farmers market, and food trucks.

Businesses along Main Street are typically open and welcome visitors in to see what they have available.”

I’d planned to order my dinner through Grubhub, but when I started looking online to see what was available within delivery distance, I was shocked to see how much it would be for me to order a Cobb or similar salad. I have a year-long coupon from Grubhub and don’t have to pay a delivery fee. But, with tax, service fee, and tip, a salad would cost over $30.

On principle, more than anything, I refused to pay that much for salad. Instead, I ate the one remaining hard-boiled egg in the little refrigerator, which we keep from breakfast a few times a week for snacking and two little packs of Wholly Guacamole on the side with a few of those tiny red and yellow bell peppers. Later, I ate a pack of crispy seaweed snacks we bought at Costco, a favorite treat I love while close to the warehouse store.

Soon, we’ll return to Costco to purchase more seaweed snacks since these have zero carbs and lots of nutrients, and maybe a few more items using more of our remaining gift cards.

Year unknown…a Chevy Camaro convertible.

Our grandchild, Madighan’s birthday, is tomorrow, but we’re celebrating with her tonight. Greg will drop her off at Champps at 4:15 for an early dinner and then head to a movie. We would have observed the date of her birthday, which is tomorrow, but we are attending a memorial dinner for our friend Jeff, who passed away at our holiday home in Marloth Park one year ago as of tomorrow’s date. Connie planned this special dinner, knowing we’d be here on that date.

This morning, we went to the hotel next door to do our laundry, which will soon be done. They only have one washer and dryer at the hotel across the parking lot, where this hotel has a cooperating agreement for their patrons, and it takes us a few hours to complete one load. Having this done and out of the way is a relief for another five or six days.

Tom went through all the bins with the stuff he picked up at his sister Patty’s house. He went through everything and sorted all the railroad memorabilia he’ll put online for sale on a Facebook group with railroad memorabilia enthusiasts and possibly eBay for the entire lot. It is too time-consuming to sell each piece one by one, and we don’t have enough time until we depart for South America.

Today, we’ll book a domestic flight in South America from Quito to Manta, Ecuador, where we’ll head for the new holiday home. Also, we must rent a car at the Manta Airport for our arrival.

Time is moving on quickly, and soon, we’ll be on our way.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, September 20, 2013:

As we pulled away from the project, Tom alerted me to grab the camera. The battery was almost dead, but I was able to get this parting shot of cows walking along the road, a common occurrence in Kenya, new to us. For more photos, please click here.