No food police for Tom in the USA…

Those spice drops and the black licorice would be those I liked the least. Then again, the others aren’t very appetizing.

It’s not that I give Tom dirty looks when he chooses to eat unhealthy foods. He knows how I feel, and he’s adopted some healthy eating habits over the years.

But, when certain foods he can’t find when we’re living in certain countries, he can’t resist buying some of his favorites, like donuts and candy, which is the case while he is in the US right now.

It’s not that he’s out dining in restaurants eating unhealthy foods. His choices mostly revolve around certain snack foods, including candy and donuts. Mainly, the meals he eats are relatively healthy and nutritious. Whatever he consumes in these ten days away won’t harm him in the long run. He takes no medications and has no dietary restrictions.

Norman continues to stop by several times a day. It was fun for my sundowner guests to see him.

During our first conversation after he arrived in Minnesota, he said he stopped at a Fleet Farm store, his favorite spot to buy candy, none of which ever appealed to me at any point in my life, including childhood.

He loves jelly-type candies (not gummy candies), which he hasn’t found anywhere in Africa. A trip to Fleet Farm, a farm and supply store in Minnesota, has always been his favorite place to go for the candies, as shown in today’s main photo.

It’s been wonderful talking to him. Hearing his voice over the phone is odd since we are always together. It reminds me of many years ago when we spoke on the phone before we lived together.

Many impalas have been visiting.

Everything is going as planned in Minnesota. The wake and funeral are over, and the burial at Fort Snelling has yet to be scheduled, as far as I know. If the burial occurs after Tom is supposed to leave, he won’t stay and will return to the bush as planned.

If I think about it, being alone in the bush is quite an adventure. There are snakes, spiders, scorpions, and countless insects surrounding us. Add the eight lions hunting in our area, along with leopards, hyenas, and other potentially dangerous wild animals in Marloth Park, and a person living alone could easily become frightened.

This impala, we call Chevy, is often here.

Oddly, I am not afraid. The only apprehension I may have is human intervention. Occasionally, there are break-ins, burglaries, and violent crimes in Marloth Park. Our alarm system is tied to a local alarm company only minutes from here, which gives me peace of mind, but I never leave doors unlocked and unattended, even when I go to the bathroom.

I keep the keyfob in my jeans pocket and can hit the panic button in seconds. Hopefully, the loud blaring alarm would keep any potential predators at bay. In any case, I spend no time worrying, instead focusing on safety measures, which Tom and I observe when we are together.

Norman makes close eye contact with me when he’s here.

Yesterday afternoon, Dawn, Leon, and Louise stopped by for sundowners. I appreciated the companionship, and the four of us had an excellent time together. It meant the world to me that they came to visit.

To my lover… enjoy your candy and your remaining time in Minnesota with family, and know that I am looking forward to seeing you in six days.

Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, March 9, 2022:

Rapids near the bridge at the Sabie River. For more photos, please click here.