Tropical Cyclone Eloise heading this way?…Photos of our house in the bush…

Love Bird's Nest
View of the veranda and pool at Love Bird’s Nest, our home in the bush.

From this news article from last night and all over the local news the past few days, apparently, Tropical Cyclone Eloise may be heading this way. Currently, it’s hammering the nearby country of Mozambique, a mere 30 km, 18.7 miles from us, a half-hour drive.

Will it reach us, such a short distance away? It may, but we suspect we won’t get the brunt of it. With a delicate infrastructure here in South Africa such a storm could leave us without WiFi and power for days, if not weeks. If, for this reason, you do not see us here in a few days, you can rest assured this is the reason we aren’t online. Please be patient and we’ll return as quickly as possible. In the interim, we aren’t worried and are not taking any special precautions.

This morning, while reviewing the many comments we receive overnight, our regular readers, Caro and Peter, who’ve been interested and supportive of our travels, wrote to us, requesting we post photos of our current bush house. We’ve been planning to do so in a future post, but, I suppose now is as good a time as ever.

The photos we’re sharing today are those we’ve borrowed, from Louise’s website, found here. The listing for this house, named Lovebird’s Nest is found here. If at any point, you are considering a visit to Marloth Park, please feel free to contact Louise for one of her many fine holiday rentals and the best “guest satisfaction” in the world. Plus, she and Danie own the only information center of its kind in Marloth Park, rife with information about rentals, activities, dining, and more.

For the link to the Info Center, please click here. Their air-conditioned office is welcoming and comfortable utilizing all safety protocols for Covid-19. Their years of experience in this area by owners, Louise and Danie, are unsurpassed. Even during these challenging times of Covid-19, a visit to Marloth Park may be the perfect holiday for singles, couples, and families. Besides, making friends, is easy and seamless in Marloth Park, even for the single traveler.

XMA Header Image
Exterior photo of the Info Centre in Marloth Park.

There is a fun-packed water park within the perimeters of Marloth Park, ideal for kids and families. See the link here for Bushveld Atlantis or contact Louise for more information. The prices for services, events, and activities are the same at The Info Centre as you’d find on your own, but you’ll have the benefit of Louise’s professional guidance and recommendations to ensure the activities you choose are suitable for your needs, desires, and safety requirements. Louise can also be reached:

I’d like to mention that Louise’s husband Danie is a home builder of exceptional quality, creativity, and reasonable prices with outstanding references and homes he’s built that he can show prospective buyers illustrating the integrity of his work. He can also be reached at this email: or by phone: +27 0836559165.

We wandered indoors around 8:00 pm, a little earlier than usual, with the mozzies on a rampage for a taste of my vulnerable flesh. Although I thoroughly load up on repellent with DEET several times a day (the only repellent that protects me) and especially at dusk and in the dark, it became impossible for us to continue to be outdoors. Some nights are worse than others. Tom never gets bit or needs to use repellent. Go figure.

Today, after uploading this post, we’re heading to a house close to the Crocodile River where a woman is offering “free bananas” for anyone who’d like to come to get them. Most of the wildlife love bananas. So, off we go, before too long.

We have no big plans for today. Most locals are staying away from the restaurants due to Covid-19, although many have set up outdoor dining that is safe and suitable. Also with the sale of alcohol banned for several more weeks, many prefer to dine at home.

Today is day #10 of our self-imposed quarantine. Only four more days to go. But, even then, we’ll continue to be cautious about socializing and getting out, so it may not be much different than it is right now. In any case, we’re content and continue to be grateful we made it here to Marloth Park, our own little slice of Heaven.

Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, January 23, 2020:

This photo taken in 2014 when we toured the Panorama Route was posted last year on this date. This handsome cheetah we met at Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre was recovering from poisoning due to an attempt to kill him for his hide. He won’t return to the wild due to the risk of being killed by his species. He’s been made an “ambassador” to represent the rehab center in saving his and other species from becoming endangered.  Watching him through the electrified fencing, we were anxious to get inside for “hands-on.” Please click here for more.