In Tom’s own words, “Great day at the “MSRA Back to the ’50s” classic car show with son TJ at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds…

TJ’s 1954 Buick Special next to his canopy set up at the Back to the ’50s annual event at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.
Everything is set up under TJ’s canopy, including grill, chairs, coolers filled with food and beverages.

In Tom’s words:
Yesterday morning, after Jess dropped me off at the entrance gate to the Minnesota State Fair for the annual Minnesota Street Rod Association Back to the ’50s event, TJ met me to give me a participant’s button, so I didn’t have to pay the $12 entrance fee. 

Is this a Cadillac from the ’20s?

TJ’s classic car registration allows a number of guests to enter under his registration fee. He has a 1954 Buick Special and has shown it at this popular annual event over six or seven years.

Street rod, model unknown.

I was looking forward to spending quality time with TJ at this event. For TJ’s family, this is a weekend event with the show continuing over the weekend. Jayden (grandson), Sarah (TJ’s partner), and her parents were there as well.

1957 Ford Fairlane hardtop convertible.

Jess wanted to give TJ and I time alone together and was involved in her own busy day with granddaughter Madighan, spending the better part of the day with her. After I’ve dragged her (she says “willingly” for photos) to several classic car shows throughout the world, she was content to do her own thing for the day.

Unknown model, amphibious vehicle. Sorry about the blurry photos. I took all of them with my phone.

As soon as I entered the fairgrounds, TJ and I wandered to his designated area where he had two canopies set up, a portable gas grill, lawn chairs, a table, several coolers filled with beer, beverages, hamburgers, and hot dogs, and a variety of snacks and desserts.

Another pickup truck.

TJ and I spent three and a half to four hours walking around the fairgrounds, checking out the 12,000 registered cars, all of which were models previous to 1965. From time to time, we stopped back at his site for a beverage or bite to eat. 

1953 Mercury.  Tom’s brother-in-law Mike had one of these in the mid 50’s.

In total, I spent five hours at the event. It was a delightful time, especially having quality time with my son, TJ.  Thanks, TJ, for including me! Unfortunately, I never thought about taking photos of us during the event. 

GMC delivery van, year unknown.

Although the event continues over the weekend, we’re busy today attending my sister Margie’s 80th birthday party, starting at 2:00 pm at niece Paulette and husband Mark’s home in Ham Lake.

An old pickup truck, model, and year unknown.

At this event, we’ll have an opportunity to see more of the family members we’ve yet to see since our arrival almost one month ago. With time flying by quickly, this party is a good chance to catch up with more relatives.  No doubt, it will be another good time.

Chrysler or De Sota with a wooden canoe tied to the roof.
A late ’40s, or early ’50s Cadillac.

Jess had a busy day with granddaughter Madighan and transporting me back and forth to the State Fairgrounds. With road constructions and detours everywhere, getting in and out of the city takes hours to accomplish. 

Early ’30s street rod.
1955 Chevy Nomad.

I’m not the most enthusiastic guy in crazy traffic. Jess drove on the way back from the fairgrounds to the hotel during rush hour. I couldn’t help but be a “backseat driver.” But, Jess expects this and stayed calm and cheerful all the way back.

1957 Chevy Nomad.
1956 Chevy Nomad.

Jess says, “Thanks, Tom, for today’s contribution! We’ll be back tomorrow with photos from Margie’s party and…may all of our friends/readers have a fabulous weekend.

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