Continuation of photos from Ribeira Brava…

Due to Internet connectivity issues today, we’re having spacing issues.  We apologize for the gaps between verbiage and photos.

Please click on the video in order to hear the mass reverberating through the mountains this morning.
A pretty walkway into a municipal building area.

We awoke this morning to the church bells ringing reminding us that today is the Catholic observance of Ascension, which used to be celebrated on Thursdays now changed to Sunday. 

These tall muffins are popular on the island.

With 81% of the population of Portugal members of the Catholic faith, today is another big day in Madeira. Gina told us to be prepared for a huge procession coming down the road today with parishioners stopping by our house to sing and pray, seeking donations for the church which we’ll gladly offer.

Doughy things.

Of course, we don’t want to miss potential visitors, nor do we want to miss the procession, comparable to the procession we experienced when living in Boveglio, Italy last summer for which we took a few videos posting them online. Here’s the link to that day in Boveglio.

Locally made merchandise is for sale in the shops along the boulevard.

During church services here in Campanario, loudspeakers blast out the service for those who aren’t able to attend. Last night, the service started at 6:00 pm and was still going when I went to bed at 11:00 pm. 

The charming boulevard along the ocean in Ribeira Brava.

Many little shops were to be found on the side streets as well.

We’d contemplated going to the services last night at 6:00 pm and returning home to dinner. Little did we realize, the service would continue for five hours. We’d have never made it home for dinner. 

Then, of course, there are popular and familiar items offered everywhere.
Embroidery is a centuries-old tradition in Portugal.

This morning, completely out of meat for today’s dinner, we’re heading to the Continente Supermarket in Ribeira Brava, hoping to return in time for the day’s activities which we expect will commence later in the day and we won’t miss it.

Some of the narrow streets weren’t populated with shops and tourists.
It’s interesting to note that each country has its own unique merchandise.

Today’s post is short with more photos from the quaint oceanside village of Ribera Brava. Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll have photos and videos to share of the day’s activities, provided they come our way.

Many vendors stand outside welcoming visitors to the area.
Beautiful flowers grow freely everywhere we go.

Have a warm and wonderful Sunday. Check back tomorrow for more.

Photo from one year ago today, June 1, 2013:
We didn’t take any photos for the post on June 1, 2013.  As a result, we’ve included another photo from the prior day, May 31, 2013, as we drove past the largest roller coaster in the world, located n Dubai, UAE.

World’s largest roller coaster is located in Ferrari World in Dubai, UAE, Formula Rossa. Here’s the link to watch the seven minute video. For details of the story we posted on June 1, 2013, please click here.