A must-see video!!!…An outstanding day with intelligent wildlife…And…an outstanding day with human friends…

 This video will remain as one of our favorites in years to come clearly illustrating the intelligence of elephants during a human intervention in “their world.”  Watch and you’ll see why. 

“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”

It was quite impressive seeing this giraffe family on the shore of the Sabie River in Kruger National Park.

I don’t know where to begin…the fabulous get-together with friends Cathi and Rick and their two Kauai friends, Debra and Charlie (who’s spouses didn’t attend the lunch) who are traveling with them or…the absolutely unbelievable sightings we had on the way to and from lunch at the Mug & Bean in Lower Sabie.

This is the scene that inspired Tom to turn around and go back to the spot of the road this elephant scenario rolled out which he’d seen in his rear view mirror.

Every moment of the six hours we were gone from Marloth was a fun-filled adventure with lively conversation with our friends along with breathtaking experiences on the road in both directions. 

We kindly ask you to please watch the above video.  You will experience, along with us, the heart-stopping sighting we feel far exceeded our usual “safari luck.”  Surely, it was a matter of “being in the right place at the right time” and as heard on the video, me literally “pushing” Tom to “stay put” and let the scenario roll out.

As we were driving down the tar road in Kruger, Tom spotted this elephant in his rear view mirror, prompting him to turn around to see if more would follow.

Sorry, Honey, for being so pushy and expressing it live on the video when somehow I knew we had to stay in place and continue taking the above video until the scenario fully unveiled before our eyes and, the eyes of the other lucky park visitors that happened to be in the same proximity.

We couldn’t believe what transpired and have watched the video several times, each time more in awe than the last.  A critic/hater on our recent cape buffalo video, which Kruger National Park (Sanpark) had asked to post on their site, made a comment that animals aren’t that smart to break up the two entangled buffalos (and who was I to say so?) who’s horns became entangled during an alternation.  You may watch that video here and, read the comments.

She stood on the road and wouldn’t move while cars lined up in both directions, unable to move in either direction.  We were at a good vantage point but it required me to twist around in an uncomfortable position to be able to take the above video.  PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO!!!

Oh, yes, they are that smart!!!  How are we such superior beings to assume that animals don’t have intellect and forethought?  Do you have a dog, cat or other pet that you’ve been able to observe and, without a doubt, observed intelligent behavior? 

Why would wild animals have any less intellect than a dog or cat?  If you’re curious about the top ten smartest animals on the planet, please click here.  The elephant is ranked #3 on the list of ten and pigs are #9. 

Regardless, of how the vehicles attempted to maneuver around her, she wasn’t about to budge.  The above video will illustrate an outrageous situation that got her to leave the road after her entire “parade” had safely crossed.  This scenario is unlike any we’ve seen in the past.

Soon, we’ll be making a video of how smart warthogs really are that will astound you.  Would you believe if I say, I’m in the process of teaching them a few words to which they’re responding?  Is it any different than teaching your dog to respond to a wide array of commands?  Not at all.

Anyway, forgive my over-the-top enthusiasm.  After all, its why we’re here. But then again, we don’t forget for a moment the other kinds of interactions we’re experiencing while in Africa…the human kind.

Crocodile at the Vurhami Dam in Kruger.

And, yesterday, when we promptly spotted our friends at the Mug & Bean in Lower Sabie, we couldn’t have hugged harder and been more enthused to see one another after three years since we left Kauai in May 2015 after a four-month stay in Princeville where Cathi and Rick live.  We’d put the former misstep behind us when we missed each other on Sunday.

Of course, the conversation revolved around our mutual love of wildlife (that’s why they’re here in Africa for 23 days), and generally catching up as to what’s transpired in our lives and theirs over these past three years. 

The Mug & Bean is situated on the Sabie River with stunning views from its wrap-around veranda.

After the delightful two-hour lunch it was hard to say goodbye.  Surely, sometime down the road, we’ll see each other again.  After loving Kauai as much as we did, we wouldn’t be surprised if we ended back there for another short stay in years to come.  One never knows.

Thank you, Cathi and Rick and friends for taking the time to meet up with us and for hosting a delightful lunch.  We met at 11:00 am and by 1:00 pm we were back on the road to the Crocodile Gate.  Had we not left at precisely that time we would have missed the above sighting and more, which we’ll be sharing over the next several days.

Our friends from Kauai, from left to right: Charlie, us, Cathi, Rick, and Debra.  It was wonderful to see them!

Soon, we’re off to Komatipoort to shop for groceries and pellets. While I shop at Spar, Tom will head to Lembobo for carrots and apples and then Obaro for pellets, finding me in the market when he’s done.  

Tomorrow evening we’re entertaining guests for dinner, Sandra and Paul, and Uschie and Evan, (all close friends), all of whom are Marloth Park Honorary Rangers who’ve been highly instrumental in inspiring us to present stories and photos of wildlife and nature concerns in this special place. 

Tom splurged at lunch with a giant burger topped with onion rings and a side of chips.

Tonight, we’ll be outdoors, as usual, relishing in the wonders surrounding us never stopping for a moment as we observe and embrace every aspect of “living life in the bush” in South Africa.

We’re more grateful than words can describe. Cats.  We saw cats.  Tomorrow…


Photo from one year ago today, June 14, 2017:

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