Review on Huon Valley holiday home with many photos…Two days and counting.

View of a small portion of the Huon River from the lawn of the rental in Castle Forbes Bay.

None of today’s photos of the property we rented for six weeks in the Huon Valley are ours.  We “borrowed” them from Anne and Rob’s listing on AirBnB, found here.  We’d have taken photos but with packing in full force, the house is somewhat cluttered.
In 48 hours we’ll have arrived at the Hobart International Airport for the less than two hour flight at 10:10 am to Sydney.  Shortly after 12:00 pm we’ll arrive in Sydney and take a taxi to head to the Overseas Passenger Terminal in the Sydney Harbour. Once again  we’ll embark on another cruise in the South Pacific.

View of the property from the river.

So far, including Wednesday’s cruise, we’ll have sailed on six cruises in the South Pacific in this past almost two years.  With one more cruise remaining at the end of April, in 54 days we’ll sail from Sydney to Seattle as we make our way back to the US. 

We’ll have 40 days between both cruises during which we’ll stay in a property in Manly, very similar to this house in the Huon Valley where one area is occupied by the owner and another full apartment with all facilities constitutes the rental portion.

I’ve sat on the sofa while Tom lounges in this red chair, both very comfortable.  See dining table and chairs in the background

Oddly, when we lived in Trinity Beach, Australia beginning on June 11, 2015, we stayed in yet another similar property whereby we lived on the fully equipped main floor while the owners occupied the second level.

Overall, we prefer to live in a single family home for the added privacy but with costs so high for rents in Australia, these types of situations have been our only sensible option.

That’s not to say that any of the owners intrude upon our privacy in any manner. They have not.  They’ve been kind, helpful and available when needed.  Anne and Rob, our landlords for this property have been exceptional, making many efforts to ensure we had a pleasant stay and undoubtedly, we have.

Plenty of amenities and gadgets are available in this kitchen, making cooking a breeze.  When I needed an item, Anne quickly provided it, such as a big mixing bowl, baking pans, hand blender.

The property is in perfect condition with no obvious repairs, painting or replacement needed.  Everything works.  The furniture in the living room has been comfortable especially when we’ve spent more time staying in due to my recent illness during these past six weeks than we may have spent in other areas. 

Previously in Penguin, Tasmania when I wasn’t as ill, we were often out and about, walking, exploring and seeing the local sites and points of interest.  Here in the Huon Valley, we’ve only done as much exploring as our 100’s of photos indicate, not every day but at least once or twice a week.

The view when sitting on the sofa in the living room which includes lots of games, books, and decor items. 

The house is well equipped with suitable dishes, flatware, pots and pans, kitchen utencils and gadgets.  Even the cupboards contained a variety of teas, spices, oils and other products, similar to those in Penguin.

The bed is comfortable along with the bedding.  A poor quality or flimsy sheet pillows and blankets situation can totally ruin an otherwise comfortable bed.  But, here, the bedding was of the utmost quality, the pillows comfortable, the covers suitable for a variety of weather conditions.

We’ve kept our luggage in the second bedroom which is located on a lower level.

Anne and Rob invitied Tom for his first fishing-on-the-ocean experience which he thoroughly enjoyed leaving us with enough fish filets for a few meals. We coated the filets in beaten eggs and coconut flour pan frying them in coconut oil, our favorite way to eat fish.

The availability of fresh produce plucked from the abundant garden was a huge perk we’d never expected.  I was particularly thrilled when I was able to make salads using celery, cabbage and greens from the garden.  Tom, who’s favorite vegetable is green beans, enjoyed them with many meals.

Seating on the veranda.

The Wi-Fi here, although tricky over te first few days of our arrival, ending up working well for us.  With the 400 gig allotment each 30 days, at night we were easily able to stream HBO’s Game of Thrones entire six seasons.  On only a few rare occasions did we have to await the return of the signal when it slipped away momentarily.

Although we watch little TV, we’ve been able to check out local and some world news from time to time.  During the day when we’re in, we may have news on in the background but neither of us pays much attention. 

It has been delightful to have fluffy robes to use while here as shown in the second en suite bathroom.  Both bathroom have heated towel racks but we’ve never used them.

Right now, snippets from the Academy Awards Red Carpet event is on.  The  awards show will be broadcast live from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm.  Since we’ve seen none of the movies, we have little interest in the awards show itself.

The grounds and the pool are beautifully maintained by Anne and Rob, who are also retired, spending considerable time working and maintaining the property. The views of the Huon River is breathtaking as shown in a few of today’s photos and many photos over the past weeks.

This is the master bedroom which now has a sofa by the windows. 

We’d highly recommend this property to any travelers.  For information, click here and they’ll respond quickly.  Also, feel free to contact us with any specific questions that perhaps only a renter would experience. 

Thanks to Anne and Rob for an extraordinary stay at your lovely property.   We’ve already written positive statements in your “guest book” and over the next few days, post reviews online.

The master bath has worked well for us.

My single suitcase is already packed with the exception of the items I’ve been wearing the past few days.  Tomorrow, Tom will pack his clothing while I pack the third bag with miscellanous items we’ll collect from around the house.

Tomorrow, I’ll briefly report on my condition after today’s final contact with Dr. Angela Retchford in Geeveston.  On departure day in two days, we’ll include the total expenses for the six weeks we spent in the Huon Valley.

Have a pleasant day!


Photo from one year ago today, February 27, 2016:
Tom was excited to see this Minnesota State Trooper vehicle when we toured AmeriCarna in New Zealand last year on this date.  How ironic!  For more photos from the car show, please click here.