A native of Kauai, a professional photographer shares her art…Fine art, that is…

Hanalei Bay Beauty

Last Sunday, at the monthly Princeville Artisan Fair, I met Alia DeVille, a talented and passionate young woman born in Kauai who has adopted the fine “art” of photography.

Chicks in a Coconut

Alia has a skilled and knowledge-driven technique and the ability to create some of the most artistic photographs we have seen in our world travels. As many of our creative and tech savvy photographers /readers are aware, simply taking a good photo of a good scene in itself is an art; the lighting, the angles and the perspective are integral in the creation of a fine photo.

Hanalei Taro Field Glow

With technology at our disposal, there are many complicated, intensive use apps and tools available, many acquired at extraordinary expense, that in the right hands can take a good photo and turn it into fine art. The ability to create this magic is definitely evident in the delicate and crafted hands of Alia DeVille.

Upon meeting her at the fair, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her work. As an amateur photographer with my own passion for a good photo, I was particularly interested in her art. 

Emerald Pool

For myself, as a somewhat tech savvy individual who’s never done more than remove a power line from a photo using the $20 app, Inpaint, or darkening or lightening a photo in the free Fotor app, I can only imagine the intricate work required to turn a good photo into fine art. Alia DeVille has done just that with a finesse one seldom has the opportunity to discover along the way.

Enchanting Makana

Alia is a self taught professional landscape photographer with a love for nature and her island of Kauai. Since childhood, she dreamed of traveling the world as a National Geographic photographer but has found herself entrenched in the exquisite beauty right here at home in Kauai.  

Action and Reaction

Alia expresses in her own words, “Born on the North Shore and  growing up on with the Na Pali Coast and the trails of Kauai as my playground has seeded a strong passion for the incredible natural environment.”

Hanakapi’ai Revealed

For Alia, it its “Not about rules and norms, more about telling a story about a place, embracing the scene and expressing what I see and feel. Waking up to see the mountains towering over the turquoise ocean continually inspires me to capture the immense beauty that surrounds the island.”

Lumahai Radiance

She continues, “Art has always been a passion, and expressing my love of art in photography is a dream come true. Native plants, the beach, the garden, and the stunning beauty of Kauai, provides endless inspiration for my photographs.”

Paradise Found

“To love what you do is the real drive for my life and photography. Seeking moments that seem to take your breath away and make you see the splendor of the ever changing natural world is what I aim to convey.”

“In photography and in life you may not know if you’re in the right place, at the right time, but if you turn around before you get there, you just might miss something amazing. Take that step…that adventure…and it will be well worth it.”
A Blaze of Light
Today, we’re excited to share a few of Alia DeVille’s photos. For many more exquisite works of art, please click one of the several links posted here today with her name to be directed to her website where any of her art may be purchased, if so desired.
Thank you, Alia for sharing your art with us* for our readers and for all of the world to see! 

*Please respect the integrity of these copyrighted photos by Alia DeVille by not copying them for any purposes whether personal or business use. All rights reserved. Federal copyright law prohibits unauthorized reproduction of these photos by any means and imposes fines up for violation. 

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