High on Penguin…A unique B&B concept like none other…Music memorabilia enthusiasts, check this out!

Gerard and his High on Penguin holiday home in Penguin, Tasmania, overlooking the town and the sea.

When we met Gerard last week, owner of an interesting B&B “High on Penguin,” when he and Terry stopped by to say hello, he invited us to see his unique holiday/vacation home high on a hill overlooking the town of Penguin, Tasmania.

The view couldn’t be more appealing.  Note the church, the windmill and the homes along the sea.
Ocean views from the veranda.

On Monday morning we drove the short distance up a steep hill to easily find Gerard’s rock and roll music themed B&B.  Visiting this creatively designed and meticulously maintained holiday home, equipped with the latest amenities, put a smile on our faces during our hour long tour and thereafter.

This modern day jukebox uses CDs from Gerard’s vast collection.

Gerard left no stone unturned in ensuring his guests receive an experience they’ll long remember at reasonable pricing with accommodations for one, two or more guests, up to as many as 10 or more if required.

Music buffs are enthralled with this extensive collection.

Gerard, a music enthusiast, though not a musician, had conceived of this idea of a music themed B&B several years ago, bringing the concept to fruition over four years ago after considerable expense, effort and creativity.

Music in the background, if desired and breathtaking views of the town and sea are easily available when dining in High on Penguin.

Nothing was spared in the design of this inviting and comfortable establishment that even without the rock and rock theme would be an exquisite holiday home.  Add his thought provoking theme and magic happens the moment the visitor pulls up in the driveway.

This well equipped kitchen has modern appliances and amenities.

The concept of many B&Bs have changed over the years in part due to the advent of the Internet where travelers from throughout the world can easily access an endless array of available options for their chosen destinations.

The walls throughout the property are adorned with rock and roll memorabilia.

Many perceive that B&Bs offer guests a room to rent in a multi bedroom home, sharing a bath and dining for breakfast in a communal dining area with the meal prepared by an on-site owner who fusses to ensure a good experience.  In some cases a communal living room/salon is available to provide the short term renter with a homey feel.

Each of the bedrooms have comfortable beds, bedding, storage space and views.

In many cases in today’s world, this perception had escalated to the use of an entire house or portion of a house with cooking facilities, lounge areas and total privacy from the on-site owner. 

Imagine awakening to this view!

Picturesque view from the Bob Dylan Room.

This is the case in Gerard’s High on Penguin property with pricing based on the number of renters occupying the property at any given time, making it affordable for one traveler, 10 or more.

Alternate living room/salon located in the spacious B&B.

As for the rock and roll theme, one might consider it a bonus when the property stands alone on its own merits in its many offerings and pricing, details which may be found at Gerard’s AirBnB’s listing.

It would be easy to spend hours perusing the wall décor and various memorabilia.

From the aptly named signs on each of the five bedrooms doors including the Bob Dylan Room, the Jimi Hendrix Room, the Janis Joplin Room, the Neil Young Room and the Joni Mitchell Room, each is adorned with its appropriate share of authentic memorabilia.  

Gerard left no stone unturned in ensuring an authentic rock and roll experience
for each visitor.

Whether its the modern Wurlitzer jukebox which uses CDs from a massive collection to the custom made side tables with vinyl records under glass, High on Penguin is without a doubt, over-the-top.

There are three of these glass covered “vinyl” tables in a lounge area, all
handmade by a friend of Gerard’s.
Note the guitar shaped wine rack.

During our tour, we both found our eyes flitting from corner to corner, finding one interesting and unusual amenity after another.  Whether it was the well stocked refrigerator with breakfast items for the renter to prepare at their leisure to the expansive views of Penguin and the sea, High on Penguin has it all. 

Music wafting through the air, a frosty local beer in hand and a view of the sea.  What more could a traveler require for a diverse experience?

For hours after we’d left Gerard’s fabulous property, we continued to reel over the delightful opportunity to see this special property, meet this creative local resident and, from the driveway of our own beautiful vacation home, only look up the hill to see High on Penguin.

Another amazing view from a guest room.
More views of Penguin.

Be well, dear readers.  Be happy! Be high on life!


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