Merry Christmas, everyone…We’re off to a party starting at 11:30 am…

Broken Horn stopped by this morning to wish us a Merry Christmas. We tossed him some pellets, and he was happy!

At the moment two prime ribs are cooking in the oven. We’re taking one of the roasts, sliced, to the party, starting at 11:30 am, and keeping the other for us for a late dinner tonight. South Africans like to start their holiday parties early in the day, often ending by usual dinnertime.

We also made a big salad with pecans, avocado, and lots of fresh veggies, leaving a portion for us to enjoy tonight with our prime rib. Most likely, we’ll be back home long before dark and we’ll celebrate Christmas further by having the prime rib and salad, followed by the special desserts I made for each of us in the past few days.

Last night for the first time in a few years, I had a piece of the low-carb coffee cake I made yesterday and savored every bite. I was reminded of how rare it is for me to eat a dessert and how much I enjoyed the sweetness. I posted the recipe in yesterday’s post here. If you decide to make this low-carb cake, you won’t be disappointed, even if you don’t usually eat a keto-type diet.

Soon, I have to get dressed for the party. It is a dressy-themed party but I don’t have any such clothes, so we will both dress as we always do when we go out to dinner.

May you and your loved one have a blessed holiday filled with love, good food, and merriment. Thank you for sharing this past year with us.

Much love to all.

Photo from one year ago today, December 25, 2020:

This photo was posted one year ago while in lockdown in a hotel in Mumbai, India on day #275. Last year, I left our floor and headed downstairs to the hotel lobby to take this photo. For more from this post, please click here.